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There are 56 public schools in the Pittsburgh district. Based on the schools’ ability to cook food, store food, and receive food, the schools are broken into three categories: Central Kitchen, Site Kitchen, and Campus Kitchen.

Of these 56 schools, 21 schools are K-5 schools that were originally built without a kitchen. Because there is no where to prepare food in these schools, the students receive food that was prepared elsewhere.  These schools are categorized as Central Kitchen Schools because they receive their food daily in hot packs from “The Central Kitchen” on the South Side.

Twenty six schools in the district are considered Site Kitchen Schools. These schools are a combination of K-5 schools, grade 6-8 schools, and K-8 schools.  Each Site Kitchen School has a full-service kitchen and is able to prepare and serve food to students on site.

The remaining 9 schools are made up of grades 6-12 and 9-12 schools and are called Campus Kitchen SchoolsThe Campus Kitchen Schools are equipped with full-service kitchens and prepare food for the students on site.

Early Childhood classrooms are found in several of our schools throughout the district. If your child is in an Early Childhood program within Pittsburgh Public Schools, they will be eating from the Early Childhood menu that corresponds with their school type. For example, if the Early Childhood classroom is in Greenfield K-8, they will be eating from the Early Childhood – Site Kitchen Menu because Greenfield is a Site Kitchen School.

If your child attends an Early Childhood Center (Chartiers, Crescent, Spring Garden, or Children’s Museum), they will be following the Early Childhood – Central Kitchen Menu.

Check in here each month for the updated school menus!

MAY MENUS                 JUNE MENUS  

Campus Cafe                                       Campus Cafe

Campus Cafe – Early Childhood         Campus Cafe – Early Childhood

Site Kitchen                                          Site Kitchen

Site Kitchen – Early Childhood           Site Kitchen – Early Childhood

Central Kitchen                                   Central Kitchen

Central Kitchen – Early Childhood       Central Kitchen – Early Childhood

Don’t know which school type you are? Scroll down to find out!

Translated menus are now available online!

Translated menus are available in Spanish, Nepali, Russian, and Arabic at the Automated TranslationESL schools (Arsenal, Banksville, Beechwood, Concord, Colfax, Greenfield, South Hills). Please click below for translated menus, now available online. 


Central Kitchen – SPANISH   Site Kitchen – SPANISH

Central Kitchen – RUSSIAN   Site Kitchen – RUSSIAN

Central Kitchen – CHINESE   Site Kitchen – CHINESE

Central Kitchen – ARABIC   Site Kitchen – ARABIC

Translations by PPS ESL Department Translators. Please contact the ESL Department for more information.

categorical listing of the schools:

School Listing

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