National School Breakfast Week Nutrition Facts!

Have you ever wondered about the nutrition content of your child's meals?  The updated school breakfast standards require students choose a daily offering of fruit. New regulations also include all whole grain products, low-fat and fat free dairy products, plus limitations on saturated fat, trans fat, sodium and calories. Below are examples of the breakfasts your child can … Continue reading National School Breakfast Week Nutrition Facts!


Hello to New Cereal!

Did you know about the new change in breakfast cereals at all Pittsburgh Public Schools? Beginning August 2016, breakfast cereals at your child’s school have transitioned to alternative wholesome, whole-grain and lower sugar products. These new products include Golden Grahams cereal, Kix and Apple Cinnamon Cheerio’s by General Mills. According to the 2015 USDA Dietary … Continue reading Hello to New Cereal!

Brain Power at Breakfast

Research shows that students who eat breakfast at school are more likely to stay focused and succeed in the classroom. Breakfast is an important part of every day, but it is especially important during testing in Pittsburgh Public Schools. Students that enter the classroom hungry are more likely to get distracted, have a hard time finishing … Continue reading Brain Power at Breakfast