Lucky Tray - Brookline
This fifth grader at Brookline Elementary School “loves veggies” and fills his plate up with healthy food choices. Did he get the lucky tray?

Debbie Maurice at Brookline Elementary School wanted to increase meal participation, so she used the oldest trick in the book – make eating school meals fun for students! Once every month at Brookline Elementary, students enter the cafeteria and are excited to find out that it is Lucky Tray Day. The Food Service employees choose two lunch trays at random and put a special sticker on the bottom. As the kids come through the line, the lucky trays are handed out. The school principal, John Vater, is a firm believer in school lunches and gets involved daily in the cafeteria. After promoting Pumped Up Peas during lunch service, Mr. Vater requests that all students look under their trays for the lucky stickers. The two winners are awarded a non-food prize like sunglasses, folders, stickers, or pencils.

Lucky Tray Day can become Lucky Milk Day, too! Putting a sticker on the bottom of a couple white milks during lunch and giving a prize to the winners can increase white milk consumption.

Don’t forget – food should never be used as a reward or a punishment. Stick with prizes that are not related to food.


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