Milk Life - Brashear
Brashear High School cafeteria staff lead by example and promote white milk consumption!

The Food Service Department has successfully rolled out 4 Smarter Lunchrooms Movement makeovers in all 56 schools across the district. The makeovers are designed to get kids to choose the healthier option at lunch without them giving it too much thought. These changes are based in behavioral economics research done at Cornell University.  The four changes are:

Naming Vegetables – Giving the less popular healthy food items – like vegetables – fun and catchy names increases the appeal of these items and encourages a child to try the food. Try some “X Ray Vision Carrots” next time you visit an elementary school!

Promoting White Milk Consumption – Removing flavored milk from school lunch has shown to be counter-productive. The Food Service Department will leave the flavored milk in the coolers, but encourage the consumption of white milk through visual aids and milk placement on the lunch line.

Improving Visibility of Produce – Attractive fruit bowls will be used to highlight the beautiful fresh fruit that is being served daily. Fruit will be placed in several places in the lunch line to encourage kids to pick a piece up.

Advertising Healthy Food Choices – New menu boards will be used to highlight the menu so that the students are primed for the meal that awaits them. Colorful and decorative boards will showcase the creative vegetable names and the main entree for the day.

We are still focusing on making our lunchrooms Smarter! Check out our Tumblr page to follow up to date information on the progress in the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement.

Also check out the first issue of the Smarter Lunchrooms Newsletter that will be distributed to Cafeteria Staff each month! Issue 1 – Sharing Success

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