Join students from Pittsburgh Langley K-8 and Pittsburgh Arsenal 6-8 as they compete in the region’s first junior chef competition! Project Lunch Tray is a city wide competition involving students from 8 area schools. Each team of students will be paired with local chefs to create healthy, delicious, kid-friendly school lunch recipes.

 Each team will create and prepare a school menu item that:

– is kid friendly

– follows USDA meal guidelines and

– meets a school’s cost criteria

The final competition will be held at the Farm to Table Conference at the David Lawrence Convention Center from 2:30-4pm on March 28th. Click here to register for the conference, and join fellow students, staff members, and community partners on March 28th to participate in larger conversations around food and healthy choices.

Pittsburgh Community Kitchen is hosting Project Lunch Tray, and many others are involved in the planning and execution of the event. Please click here for more information about Project Lunch Tray.

project lunch tray1
Project Lunch Tray is hosted by Community Kitchen Pittsburgh

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