Kids of Steel Logo

Have you seen this logo in your school?

The Kids of STEEL Program is an overall youth exercise and nutrition program. The goal is to get children to pursue an active lifestyle and quality nutrition by incorporating exercise and healthy eating habits into their daily routine. They will also learn the benefits of setting a goal, training and achieving that goal!

Over a four-month period children earn miles to run the equivalent of a full marathon (26.2 miles) and taste new fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. There is NO COST to participate in this portion of the Kids of STEEL program. At the completion of the training program, there is an option to celebrate the children’s success by registering for the Toyota of Pittsburgh Kid’s Marathon (1 mile) or UPMC Heath Plan/UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K Run (3.1 miles).

How does it work?toyota kids pgh marathon

Each coordinator receives a manual with a training program and nutrition information. The coordinator can be a parent, a teacher, a coach- anyone who is willing to encourage participation in this program at a school-wide level. The program can be easily incorporated into gym class or the training program can be done at home. Each child is responsible for filling out his or her training and food log.

Several Pittsburgh Public Schools are already participating in The Kids of STEEL program. If you are interested in becoming the coordinator for your school or would like more information about getting your school involved, please contact:

Post by Allison Kakabar, Dietetic Intern

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