Winter in Western Pennsylvania guarantees two-hour delays and cancellations. In some instances, this interferes with children receiving breakfast at school. The following list provides a few ideas for providing the most important meal of the snow day.

Quick and Easy

Stick to the basics like whole grain cereal and milk, ham and cheese English muffin, yogurt with fruit and whole grain toaster waffles with peanut butter. You can even make quick scrambled eggs by putting an egg and a splash of milk into a bowl and microwaving for 45 seconds!

kids eaing cereal


If your mornings are rushed, pack breakfast the night before so your kids can grab it on the run. Choose items that can easily be taken in the car or on the bus without making a mess. Whole fruit, squeezable applesauce and yogurt, and breakfast bars are all great options.

breakfast on the bus


Items like whole-grain muffins, homemade granola or cereal bars, oatmeal bakes, and quiches are breakfasts that can pack whole grains, fruits, vegetables and protein into one dish. Make these when you have a few extra minutes like over the weekend or after the kids go to bed. Store the excess in the freezer for breakfast all week!


Click the links for recipes and more information on quick and easy breakfasts.

Post by Allison Kakabar, Dietetic Intern


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