Students across the nation are sarcastically tweeting #thanksmichelleobama and posting pictures of their unsatisfactory school lunches. The National School Lunch Program is taking a lot of heat after Michelle Obama and the White House imposed new regulations aimed to make the school day healthier. However, what the posted photos do not show, and what the students do not talk about, are the multitude of options that the students are turning down at lunch. Most cafeterias in the nation participate in the Offer Versus Serve lunch program, which means that students can turn down certain parts of their meal.

To show our viewers the healthy lunches that we serve here in Pittsburgh Public Schools, we have a couple schools across the district photographing the lunches each day for the rest of the year. Below you can see a healthy, beautiful, well-balanced meal that was served at Greenfield K-8 on December 15th. Students in grades K-8 can choose 1 fruit and 2 vegetable servings each day at lunch, and students in grades 9-12 are able to choose 2 fruit and 2 vegetable servings each day at lunch.

Greenfield 12.15.14

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