New menu items are being introduced while the standards for healthy meals are being enforced. We aim to provide choices that not only fit into new healthy guidelines, but look appetizing and taste as good as they look! We want students to be a part of the menu planning process since they are the ones whose opinions really matters! Most recently, we have invited students at Westwood K-5 to sample a variety of new products. The three items the students tried were Squeezable Fruit Pop: Strawberry, Power Snack: Turkey Stick, and a new lower-sodium cheddar cheese sauce. Here are the results! Westwood Sampling Results Chart Does your child want to participate in a taste test? Contact the district’s Registered Dietitian, Elizabeth Henry at 412-488-3309,

   Taste Test Westwood pic 2Taste  Test Westwood Pic 1

Posted by Dietetic Interns Carly Aldrich and Bari Kramer

2 thoughts on “We Want Your Feedback!

  1. I would like to see a few options for a alkaline,candida,or paleo diet offered at lunch.I have read a lot of articles linking candida overgrowth in children to behavior & attention problems like a.d.d,a.d.hd, & even autism.Looking for eczema cures I found limiting all sugar including sugary fruits, breads,carbs,starchy veggies, & replaceing with a more alkaline diet can help to resolve a lot of kids health issues.It is much harder to limit what they eat at school though especially in the beginning of the new diet.

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