Each day the students in Pittsburgh high schools are offered several different raw vegetable choices. Students are required to take at least one fruit or one vegetable each day with lunch in order to make a complete and reimbursable lunch. A wide range of options are available, but how many students are choosing broccoli and an apple, carrots and a side salad? We want kids to choose vegetables because they enjoy vegetables, not because they are forced to take them.

serving line display
A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are neatly set out for the students to add to their lunches.

To make vegetables more enticing to high school students, we are stepping up our game. Plain broccoli is healthy, but not when it is being left on the counters to be disposed of at the end of lunch. Add some flavor and cheese to the broccoli, and it becomes much more appealing to the 16 year old palate. The idea is that by spicing up the side vegetables by adding flavor, more kids will choose more vegetables.

Broccoli Salad  Chipotle Salsa  Sweet Potato Casserole Close Up

Broccoli Salad                                 Chipotle Salsa                                  Sweet Potato Casserole

Do you have a vegetable recipe that your kids love to eat? Leave a comment with your suggestions for school lunch!

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